About us

The date of foundation of Calor Press snc is in September 1979 and today it carries out its activity on an area of ​​about 2,200 square meters.
   The company was born out of an important previous experience of the owner Grassi Giampaolo as a designer, engraver and creator of molds for silver cutlery at the former Clementi silverware factory by Giovanni Mantel in Casalecchio di Reno.
    From a mixture of art and technique the owner takes the decision to found his own hot forging company that began to operate in the fashion industry as a subcontractor, and then to expand into the mechanical sector. The experience of the founder was transmitted to the 3 children who together with his wife immediately began to collaborate in the management of the activity, giving an important family value based on sound principles and maximum reliability.
Over the years the company has evolved thanks to the continuous investment in high-tech machines, the commitment of a team of specialized technicians and an effective business management, up to having direct contacts with the most important Italian brands of high fashion and best companies in the mechanical sector.
Calor Press Snc, founded in 1979, operates as a family-run business in the manufacture of metal products at the 2,000 square meter industrial site located in Via Piemonte 5/2 B in Zola Predosa (Bologna), coinciding with the registered office. as well as operational and logistics.
The core business of the company is the mass production of technical articles in brass, obtained by hot stamping including any mechanical machining operations, polishing, sandblasting, satin finishing, galvanic finishing, welding, assembly and other, based on a sample or technical drawing provided by the customer.
The main site is characterized not only by a large warehouse, functional for the supply of incoming materials and subsequent production in relation to the orders received, by the presence of internal departments dedicated to mechanical processing in which the molding production lines are located hot made from rockers and ovens.
Company longevity, professionalism and specialization in the hot pressing of brass and small metal parts together with the processing and manufacture of precious metal objects have led Calor Press to a favorable competitive positioning on the national market. Today, the company achieves high levels of productivity and efficiency in meeting the needs of an increasingly wide audience of major clients for critical mass and international prestige, especially for supply activities related to the leather goods sector.
In organizational terms, the company uses in addition to the operational and management know-how of the founding members, Messrs. Grassi Giampaolo and Meteori Marina, for coordination and control by their children Paola, Marco and Pier luigi - heads of the administrative office respectively management, of the production department and of the technical-qualitative department - being able to count on the normal company operations on a team of technicians, designers and skilled workers who guarantee an excellent starting point in the search for materials, the best technologies and the production processes of the articles.
The distinctive skills of the Calor Press S.n.c. which has developed knowledge and experience in the field of precision mechanics, and investments in consolidated and partly in training resources represent the main keys to business success, configuring the Knwoledge Capital as an intangible asset of enormous intrinsic value, supporting the innovation process of products and processes with a view to creating value.