The raw material used is mainly lead-free brass or the classic OT58, OT63 depending on the requests, but also aluminum, copper, to a small extent precious metals such as silver and gold with our identifying trademark 327BO.

    The main processing is the mass production of articles in non-ferrous material, mainly brass obtained by hot stamping.
   Through the construction of the molds we start from the raw material that is hot deformed, separated from the scrap by shearing to obtain a rough object, which depending on the needs can be finished with the recovery operations, at the base remains a craftsmanship that united high technology allows us to create objects of high quality, precision and attention to detail.
    The brass moldings are high quality details resulting from a hot deformation, have a higher density than other processes and are free from defects.
    Mass production helps to obtain a low cost of the accessory and is indispensable when specific design problems have to be solved, combining our know-how we are able to offer improved and less expensive items while maintaining high quality.
    We also produce cold-formed articles and products by cold stamping of sheet metal and coining, performed by shearing and articles produced using automatic precision milling machines.
    The milling machines are also used to quickly make prototypes to be tested before being put into production.
    The manufacturing process is managed by specialized personnel with specific training courses for each type of work.